New Year’s Bulletin Board Ideas

Bulletin boards are such an important component of a classroom’s atmosphere. Celebrate the New Year with sparkly, festive, and creative New Year’s bulletin boards. Students love to help with decorating, so encourage children to get involved with elements of the display.

Here are few simple and inexpensive bulletin boards:

Shooting for the Stars: New Year’s Resolutions
Cover the bulletin board with leftover fabric in any shade of blue. Children can cut star shapes out of white or yellow poster or construction paper. Next, encourage each child to think of a special goal they would like to accomplish for the year ahead. Dictate (or ask the child to write) each child’s goals on a separate star. Attach the stars to the bulletin board. Add silver or gold glitter or ribbon so that stars appear to be shooting.

Blasting Off into 2011
This is a cute bulletin board idea with a space theme. Cover the bulletin board with black fabric or paper. In a small spray bottle, add white tempura paint diluted with water and let children spray it on the black background to create the outer space atmosphere. Next, children can create rockets out of construction paper or any other medium. Add the name of the child or picture of the child to his or her rocket. Title the bulletin board “Blasting off into 2011” or “Blasting off into the New Year”.

Hat’s off to the New Year
For this bulletin board you will need a small photo of each child’s face. Cover a bulletin board in New Year’s themed wrapping paper. Next let children decorate a New Year’s hat made from poster board. Offer all sorts of embellishments such as glitter, sequins, pom-poms, buttons, etc.  Allow hats to dry completely. Next, attach the child’s picture  to the bulletin board then top it with a hat, slightly tipped upward. Attach any other embellishments or decorations as desired such as a count-down clock,  streamers, and noise makers.

Flying into a New Year
Cover the bulletin board with an old blue table cloth or sheet. Attach colorful hot air balloons to a blue background. Add the name and/or picture of each child on the basket of the hot air balloon.  Decorate the bulletin board with clouds, rainbows and flying birds. Label the bulletin board “Flying into a New Year”.  Alternatively, airplanes may be used in place of hot air balloons. This bulletin board is also appropriate for fall.

About the Author
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