New Year’s Writing Prompts for School Age Children

Start your New Year off with a bang. As the New Year begins, integrate writing activities with topics relating to the New Year. Writing prompts are a fun way to promote literacy and develop writing and critical thinking skills. The following New Year’s prompts will allow school age children to practice writing as well as examine social and emotional concepts.


Here are some great New Year’s Day-themed writing prompts and writing activities for school age children:

Why do we celebrate the New Year?

What is a resolution? What resolutions will you be making this year? How did you choose them? How will you make sure to keep them?

Have you ever been to a New Year’s Eve party? Write about a memorable New Year’s Eve party.

How does your family celebrate New Year’s Eve?

How does your family celebrate New Year’s Day?

Finish this sentence: This Year, I will: ___________

How do you feel when you are successful at accomplishing a goal? How do you feel when you are not successful at accomplishing something you set out to do? What emotions do you feel?

Instruct children to read one of the following New Year’s books and write a book report. The fiction book report should include the title, author, the setting, a description of the main characters, and a summary of the book. The nonfiction book report should include the title the author, the type of information, interesting facts learned, and if the child found the book interesting.

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